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The main features of Eco-Heaters are:

Solar Compatible

At least 3 times more efficient than standard hot water cylinders   

Fit to existing Hot water cylinders 

System Flexibility   

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This heat pump technology is proven for providing excellent continuous hot water along with  maximum efficiency. Econergy® heat-pump water heaters are the latest innovation in home water heating. They use proven heat pump water heater technology by transferring energy from the surrounding air to heat your home's hot water at a fraction of the cost of an electric element. Our customers are receiving savings of up to 75%* for this form of water heating.  

Electricity is becoming more and more expensive.  You can future proof your home against rising energy costs by becoming more efficient and using less energy which is exactly what the Econergy heat pump water heater system does.  Hot water is available instantly and unlike conventional gas or hot water cylinders, the Econergy®heat pump water heater uses innovative new technology to heat the tank from the top down.


The Econergy® heat pump water heaters are built for NZ conditions, They are designed in New Zealand and built specifically for each house design and weather conditions so as to give you the best possible performance.


Econergy® guarantees a minimum 6 year performance warranty at a minimum of 66% savings.  

Our Guarantee

Econergy® guarantees a minimum

6 year performance warranty at a minimum of 66% savings.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have an existing hot water cylinder would this need to be changed when installing the Econergy® heat pump water heater?

A. Generally no. As long as the hot water cylinder is post 1988 and in good condition there is no need to replace it.  The minimum water pressure should be greater than 50kPa to ensure reliable operation.

Q. How does the Econergy® heat pump water heater compare with a solar water heating system?

A. While solar water heating systems do produce free energy, they can only do this when there is sufficient sunshine. Therefore, they rely heavily on backup or booster systems, which are generally very inefficient.  The installed performance of New Zealand solar water heating systems is on average 38% savings per annum (BRANZ:2008).   The Econergy HP4000LT® has been independently tested by Project Solar at the University of Otago and found to save 73.8% on water heating bills annually in the Auckland Climate.  The Econergy® heat pump water heater can work in any weather, day or night without the use of a backup system, right down to -4 deg Celsius. On a yearly basis the Econergy® heat pump water heater will generally outperform most electrically boosted solar water heating systems.  The Econergy® heat pump water heater efficiency in winter will be considerably higher than a high quality solar system with electric boosting, right when you need it most.

Q. How easy is the Econergy® heat pump water heater to install?

A. The Econergy® heat pump water heater is designed to be easily installed as a retrofit or into a new construction. The system can be coupled to any type of hot water cylinder and there is no need for any bulky roof panels or roof penetrations. The system can be installed either outdoors or hidden away inside your roofspace.

Q. How can I trust your efficiency claims?

A. 1.  We have monitored a number of Econergy installations around the country that give us trustworthy data that our claims are based on.  This means we can tell you how much you will save on an annual basis within a few percentage points.  2.  Additionally our product has been tested to the rigorous AS/NZS4234:2008 standard by Project Solar at the University of Otago and found to save 73.8% annually compared with a standard electric hot water cylinder in the Auckland climate. 

Q. What is the expected lifespan of an Econergy Heat Pump Water Heater?

A. About the same as a high quality domestic refrigerator, i.e. approximately 15 years.

Q. How close does the heat pump water heater have to be to the hot water cylinder?

A. Less than 9 metres

Q. Does the heat pump water heater need a boost element in winter?

A. Generally, no. The heat pump water heater is designed to provide 100% of water heating requirements year round in most North and South Island Climates.  We connect your heating element up to the Econergy® heat pump water heater so that in the unlikely event of a exceptionally cold weather (i.e. below -5 deg Celsius) or a problem occurring, the hot water cylinder element will automatically kick in, ensuring you don't go without hot water.

Q. Will it make my house colder?

A. No. All cold air produced by the heat pump water heater is vented outside living areas.

Q. Would this product be suitable to replace my old Carrier Hot Shot?

A. Yes we have replaced many Carrier Hot Shot units that have reached the end of their service life.  It is normally a straightforward replacement since the piping arrangement from the hot water cylinder to the outdoor unit is the same.  Contact us at Econergy for further information, or your local dealer.

Q. Why would I buy an Econergy heat pump water heater over competitors who claim similar savings?

A. Independent test results have demonstrated that Econergy® is the the most efficient domestic heat pump water heater available on the New Zealand market, saving on average 73.8% annually (Project Solar, AS/NZS5125, Zone 5 (Auckland)) .  Exclusive 6 year performance warranty as standard - guarantees payback on capital investment. Supported by our Auckland Manufacturing facility. 

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