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Don't be the victim of a fire in your home. Installing a sprinkler system

is like having a fire fighter in your home.

House and building fires are lethal. Every year in NZ an average of 19 people lose their lives in building fires.  The emotional, physical and financial costs of fires is huge. They cost NZers over one hundred million dollars per annum.


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It has long been known that fire sprinklers provide a highly effective method of dramatically reducing fire fatalities and property loss.  Your house can be installed with a sprinkler system designed by us that will provide fire protection and at an affordable cost. Sprinklers generally cost only 1-2% of the build price, a small amount considering the security they can give you.

It is best to install a fire sprinkler system at the framing stage of your build however more and more people are having them retrofitted.   

A fire sprinkling set up uses your ordinary plumbing system and we can install it easily for you.  

Contact us for a free quote and to answer any questions. 

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