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Increasingly Nelson is becoming a dry zone during the summer months.  There are water restrictions every year which makes managing a garden more and more difficult.  The solution is harnessing the water nature gives us through the installation of  water tanks.  These are necessary also where there is no water supply to your site.

We have a stylish range of storage solutions, including small rain water tanks with a tap that connect directly onto your downpipe. These will save you money on water bills and are great for a back up supply in the drought of summer, to water your garden and washing your car when water restrictions can happen.  They also could be a vital back up in an emergency. 

There are many options available for water harvesting.

Have you tried to save precious rain water before?

Our systems make it so much easier to capture and store water.



An efficient water capturing system will save you time AND money.  Enquire about our competitive rates for rainwater tanks today and let your garden flourish all year round.We can also install a plumbing system to remove and store your grey water which will help you with even greater savings on the water bill.

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