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We install the outstanding Naturalflow  sewer tank systems.  They are New Zealand’s Leaders in Eco-Sustainable, Odourless Wastewater and Sewerage Systems. 

We can also install a plumbing system to remove and store your grey water which will help you with even greater savings on the water bill.

You can read more information on these systems on or contact us for a free quote and to answer any questions.

The grey water saved from the Naturalflow process can result in lush gardens through the hottest of summers.

The grey water saved from the Naturalflow process can result in lush gardens through the hottest of summers.

This system is very cost effective and low maintenance.

12 Reasons to choose Naturalflow

1. Little Power Required

Enjoy the power savings because there is generally no power required in the treatment process.

90% less power is used than a standard system on a flat site and NO power is needed on a sloping site.

2. Virtually Maintenance Free

There is 75% less maintenancethan most other systems.  It uses natural processes that work and run forever without constant monitoring.

3. Cost Effective
Most other systems need 24 hr care.  This system uses sustainable natural processes that work for you for FREE,

4. Quiet Passive System
There is no constant noisy mechanical systems and pumps constantly running as associated with other systems.

5. Environmental Care
Nature's well established and sustainable filtration processes take care of your waste water, producing a high quality, odourless result that attains to secondary treatment levels and is not affected by heavy or shock loading as are other systems. 

6. Versatility
A modular system is built to suit your individual needs. From primary through to secondary treatment, your system is designed for your specific site and your particular needs.

7. Compatible with Garbage Grinders
This is a robust system and the only one currently that allows you to have a 'garbage grinder' in your kitchen sink.

8. Standard Toilet Systems
The beauty of this system is that it accommodates and works with all of today's conveniences including conventional toilets and fittings.

9. Low Site Impact
Light machinery and minimal excavation is usually all that's required as the Naturaflow system has a very light footprint compared to other systems.

10. Great For Difficult Sites
With only light machinery required, the modular design of the Naturalfow system, makes it a perfect fit for steep, low soakage and difficult to get to sites as most modules can be man-handled into place.

11. Save Your Water
Water is a precious element in today's world and it needs protecting for the future, so being able to recycle your grey water is a great advantage for you to enjoy.

12. Performance Guarantee
The Naturalflow system gives you piece of mind.  You can have the absolute assurance of hassle free sewage treatment.  Ask for the Performance Guarantee Platinum Package for your site.

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